KC Dog Friendly

Open for Dogs and Dog friendly

The Kennel Club and Dog friendly have joined forces to promote the Kennel Club’s Open for Dogs campaign and Awards.

Open for Dogs

Dog friendly Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, Cottages , Pubs, Beaches, Camping and Caravan Sites & much more.

“improving the lives of dogs and their owners”


“Dogs are like family and you can’t afford to leave them at home when you are on a trip. That is why I always visit kcdogfriendly to help me find places that love my dogs just as I do”

Rose Buyers

“Having fun is great but not at the cost of my dogs. With kcdogfriendly I am able to spot all the best dog-friendly places around me and this is super helpful. Thanks to Kernel Club and Dogfriendly!”

John Best