People tame dogs with a lot of love and care. Any person who is a dog lover is psychologically attached to the dog. There are different kinds of dogs, and they belong to different breeds. Though dogs are cute and adorable, they are also strong and smart enough to guard our houses and take care of its master. So here is the step-by-step procedure of how to take care of dogs.

Step by step procedure

  • Dogs have different likes and dislikes, and their interests can vary from that you imagine. So, the master has to understand that and act accordingly.

  • There must be a good rapport between the dog owner and the dog. This will help the dog owner to tame it properly. The dog should be taught to greet well and behave properly. When there is a good relationship between the dog and its owner, it is usually indicated by the dog’s friendly behaviour.

  • In most cases, dogs have a friendly nature, and they run towards you. But if something happens otherwise, then it is a sign that they are scared. In such cases, give them their space and just take care of them by not going too close. This way dogs will automatically mend the

  • Different physical attributions of the dog symbolise different things. Dogs usually make eye contact with the person they love. A half-risen tail with ears held back is a friendly gesture as well. Dogs usually smell the person to help them get a better understanding of the person. If dogs are trying to move away, then it is better to let them be until they become friendly. Do not force them to get into your arms. They may turn harsh.

  • Dogs love to be touched and pampered. A personal touch comforts the dog. Again it depends on the dogs. Some breeds dread touching, and they do not appreciate being touched unnecessarily. If you touch a dog and it acts weird, then either your move is inappropriate, or the dog is scared. In such circumstances, it is better to withdraw yourself. One more tip to remember is that when you touch them, go in the direction of the fur. Doing it the other way might give them an insecure feeling.

  • Food is one of the most important factors for a dog. Dogs aren’t vegans in general unless you are so. So, if possible, give them meat at least occasionally. Give them the food choices that they prefer and they have to be well-fed at least twice a day. A good diet helps a dog stay happy, healthy and active. Dogs, in general, are fast-moving and active animals. They need a lot of energy to be so. Thereby make sure they eat food that is nutritional. Also, keep them adequately hydrated.


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