Have you ever seen your dog behaving like a herbivore? Yes! There are times that dogs eat grass even if you’re giving them plenty of food. People have long believed that it’s a cure for their upset stomach but did you know that there some other theories that also explain this behavior? We’ll explore all of them on this blog so read on to learn more.

1. Stomach Pain

This is one of the most common belief that exists about the grass eating behavior of dogs. It is believed to purge out what causes the upsetting of the stomach or just calms it down. Dogs are often seen nibbling and gulping down grass then puke it out not because it’s something that’s toxic to them. In fact, there are times that the grass comes out with yellowish or foamy fluid with it. Most grass species are beneficial for dogs.

It could be that the leaf blades tickle the stomach and the throat which then causes a reaction. Other dogs won’t throw up after eating grass and people assume that they’re trying to cure their upset stomach. But are there other reasons for this? Let’s go to the next theory.

2. Grass Balances Their Diet

Another popular belief that seeks to explain the weird behavior of grass-eating in dogs is that they are not getting enough nutrition and they need grass to fill in what’s lacking. With the fiber and other essential vitamins that grass possesses, it can serve as a perfect supplement for dogs to make their diet more complete. Some skeptics say that dogs don’t have the mental capability to know this but whether this is true or not, it can’t be denied that eating grass helps dogs in many ways.

If you’re starting to see that your dog isn’t having enough nutrition, be sure to consult with the vet to know what supplements are available to restore your pet’s diet and bring back the healthy pooch that he used to be.

3. It Tastes Good

Probably one of the most backed theory- dogs may actually like the taste of fresh grass just like how they love some other things which humans dislike. Think of all the unappetizing stuff that your dog eats. From leftover food to bugs, mouse, and much other strange stuff. Grass may be tasty to them that’s why they’re fond of munching it whenever they get the chance to do so. Just remember that too much of anything is dangerous so be sure to monitor your dog once he starts gulping down some grass in the yard.

4. They Might Just Be Bored

It could be that your dog is simply bored and needs something new to keep himself busy. And eating grass is the perfect activity that he can enjoy while outdoors. When a pooch isn’t playing enough or simply lack the right outlets to keep them entertained and drain the extra energy, they may end up destroying things around the house or eating something that they shouldn’t be munching on which includes grass.

Just like humans who love munching on a bag of chips, our furry friends also do the same. There are several ways to keep your pooch entertained so be sure to spend time on it to prevent any unhealthy behavior.


There you have it, the four most popular theories why dogs end up grazing at times instead of chasing some bugs or butterflies. If you notice that your dog becomes more fond of eating grass, it could be a sign of a serious pain in their stomach. Don’t ignore it and be sure that you check with your veterinarian to learn what is causing the behavior. Also, the grass is not a substitute for supplements that your dog needs. Be sure to buy him some to promote health and well-being for your furry friend.


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