Moving into your new home can be a stressful process. You are probably excited to begin this new journey, but it is important to remember that this new course for your pet can be daunting.

My dog and I recently moved into a new apartment and it was a big change for him. It is important to remember that you are not the only one who has to get used to a new place – your dog will too. Here are some of the things I found that helped my dog to adapt when his whole world changed.

Moving With Your Dog

Give Him His Own Space

If possible, set up a room or an area which your pooch can call his own. Put his bed, food, and water in this place, so he has a place to which it is quiet and is away from all the others. This new home can be a bit overwhelming, so it can help him to feel more comfortable when he has his own corner.

My dog is sleeping on a big, fluffy blanket. When we were moving, The blanket still smelled like our old home because I did not wash it. That calmed my dog and he felt safe in his new room.

Here are some tips on how you can help your dog adjust to your new home.

Give Extra Love

You should try to combine as much positivity as possible with your new house. A few additional goodies, more pampering or additional game time helps a lot to let your dog realize that this place is a good one and he should be happy here.


If you always walk your dog after work and bring him at 10: 00 in the bed – go ahead. Every one of schedules and routines are likely to change when you move, but try to stay as close as possible to your old routine. By maintaining familiarity with your schedule you’ll be able to reduce the symptoms of your dog homesickness and discomfort

Set Limits Immediately

A new home means new rules. If there are spaces or new furniture, of which, your dog must not lie on, touch or play in, make sure he knows this immediately. If you set the rules immediately after the move, you save yourself a stressful training later.

To prevent your dog from marking your new home with pee, make sure that he just walks around when you are there to supervise. In this way, you can catch and stop bad behavior right away.

If your dog begins to mark in your home make sure that you clean it with an enzyme cleaner, to remove the scent. Then, change the meaning of this section of your home. Try to give him treats or play with him in that area, to help him in associating the room with positivity. He will feel not so territorial and is less likely to mark.

Alone At Home

If your dog must be left in your new home alone, be sure to give him toys so he remains busy the whole time. It would be helpful if you change toys every now and then so he doesn’t get bored playing with one of the same toys all the time. Toys may entertain your dog so that he will not be in trouble or feel afraid if you are not at home.

Give Him Enough Time

The most important tip I have is to give your dog enough time to adjust to the new environment. He will feel at home with his new home, it may take a while. It’s hard for them to understand why everything has changed and why he did not return to the old place, which he considers home.

It is to be expected that your pooch won’t behave normally in the first few days or weeks. But in time and with your patience and love, he should be able to adjust to your new abode and once he does, it’s going to be a happy home once again!


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