Few people love to raise a dog at home as a pet. There are many kinds of dogs. There are dogs which will be cute, there are dogs which will be strong, and there are dogs which can be used to guard our house and many more. Few dogs will be very active and manage all the activities. For the dogs to be active, we need to provide good nutritional food. If the dogs don’t get sufficient food, then they sit lazy and will be of no use.

It’s better to provide a prepared diet instead of providing random diet. Prepared diet can be raw diet for dogs. The raw diet consists of raw ingredients such as meat, vegetables and fruits.


The recipes are not so tough. They are very simple but, a little knowledge is required. Make sure any raw diet for dog consists of 75{30f3d5ae4da987bfe1a57867383a0c18c4fe50b791114d6cf0c0931d5ce4ccbe} of meat in the recipe. The remaining ingredients can be vegetables, fruits, grains, rice, oats, etc. The ratio of meat and other ingredients should be 2:1. The ratio of meat and bone must be 3:1. There are many combinations we can make as recipes as raw diet for dog. They follow as below.

  1. Raw meat+ Any kind of vegetable+ small amount of cooked rice or oats

  2. Raw meat+ Any kind of fruit+ small amount of cooked rice or oats

  3. Raw meat+ Any kind of grains+ small amount of cooked rice or oats

  4. Any kind of vegetable+ Any kind of fruit + small amount of cooked rice or oats

We can prepare many such recipes with our own choice. Make sure daily we provide a balanced nutritional diet.


There are various kinds of meat we can use. Mutton of lamb or goat is fine when we choose meat as one of the ingredient. We can use chicken too. Various kinds of meat are like turkey, beef, any fish, rabbit, selected birds etc. There are various vegetables available in the market. They are like carrots, cucumber, beans, peas, sweet potatoes, mixed sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage etc. There are also various fruits available in the market. They are like bananas, apples, green apples, strawberries, raspberries, water melon, musk melon etc. There are also few different ingredients we can add to the raw diet. We can add raw egg by even crushing the shell in to powder. We can add few dry fruits if we are capable of affording them. We can use cottage cheese as an additional ingredient too. We can use curd as an extra supplement. We can use fish oil, flax seed oil, vitamin/mineral supplement as an extra ingredient too.

If we are mixing meat with other ingredients, make sure that there will be more meet. ¾ of a bowl should consist of meat and ¼ can be anything other than meat as mentioned above. A bone or two will make an extraordinary meal for the dog. Dog has to be kept hydrated with high amounts of water.


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