Dogs are a great companion in life. No matter your personality or lifestyle is, there is always a breed that will complement it except of course if you don’t like dogs and you love cats instead. But still, there are breeds that are perfect for cat lovers and easily become friends with our feline companions.

Have you been thinking of getting a dog lately? How about adopting one. Below are the top six reasons why you need to consider doing it.

1. You’re Giving Home to a Dog in Need

Millions of helpless mutts are now sitting in shelters and you won’t find such adorable creatures anywhere in puppy advertisements.

Statistics from the Humane Society shows that you would commonly find mixed breeds which total up to 75{30f3d5ae4da987bfe1a57867383a0c18c4fe50b791114d6cf0c0931d5ce4ccbe} of dogs in shelters. Each year, there are about 6 up to 8 million pets entering shelters and in this number, only 4 million gets adopted. The 3 million that remains are euthanized. These animals could have been adopted but sadly, they end up in dog/cat heaven. Rescuing a mutt by adopting one means you are rescuing life.

2. You Don’t End Up Supporting a Puppy Mill

Puppy mills are common. They breed dogs on a large scale for the purpose of profit. Yes! Most don’t even give importance to the animal’s well-being. Puppy mills care about profit especially on those purebred puppies that are highly valuable.

Adopting a dog from a shelter means that you are supporting a local business that gives much importance to the life and health of pets. This also does a lot in ending people’s reliance on the harsh breeding practices done in puppy mills.

3. They Get a Chance to Live Longer

Most of the genetic disorders that are common in purebred dogs are not found in mutts. In fact, most are healthy breeds that need less visit to the vet. If you get a dog from a shelter, you can expect a friend who’s going to live longer and require less in terms of the cost of doing vet visits.

4. They Are Special And One-Of-A-Kind

Since mutts found in shelters are mostly mixed breeds, you can be confident that you have a furry friend who’s unique from all the rest. That’s one of the advantages that you get from adopting.

5. They’re More Affordable Than Purebred Dogs

Dogs that are purebred can easily cost you around $500 to $3,000 per pup. This is largely dependent on whether they are bred for a purpose and just the breed itself. Dogs that are found in shelters would only cost you the fee for adoption charged by the shelter which can range from $0 to $250 depending on the dog’s breed and the shelter.

6. They Don’t Have Specific Traits

Because they are mix breeds, they’re technically made-up of several dogs so you end up getting a pet that’s not only unique but one that doesn’t have traits that are specific. For instance, breeds like German Shepherd are known to be loyal and obedient. Boxers are intelligent and boxers and there’s the gentle and lively Spaniel. Depending on the breeds that have been mixed in a mutt, they tend to be less specific when compared to purebred dogs.

A mutt can also feel at home easily no matter what the environment is. Unlike purebred dogs which may require special considerations when it comes to living quarters and many other things. This does not mean that mutts can’t do the things that purebred dogs do, in fact, all of them still can with proper training. They can hunt, fetch and do more or even become service dogs. You can think of them as the “jack-of-all-trades” in canine form.



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